Our SEL Models help build competencies that empower young people.  

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is a positive youth development framework that refers to the building of skills needed to recognize and manage emotions, develop care and concern for for others, make responsible decisions, establish and maintain positive relationships, and handle interpersonal situations effectively. These capabilities are critical foundations for academic learning and for a person’s long-term personal and professional success.  

Our SEL programs are designed to: 


Develop a positive community where students feel a sense of belonging, are significant members of the group, and have fun. 


Teach and reinforce relationship-building skills.  


Promote social interest through sharing, listening, inclusion, participation, and dialogue.


Model and practice social skills such as cooperation, assertion, responsibility, empathy, and self-control.


Merge social, emotional, and intellectual learning.


Model and practice problem-solving and goal setting.


Promote effective decision-making.

SEL Interventions

Sense of Belonging

Establish an educational and community structure where you feel included. 

Relationships with Peers

Provide a dependable, interactive routine, through educational or other sports and arts activities, that requires cooperation and dependence on one another.

Personal Attachments

Enlist teachers, mentors, and coaches who can form caring relationships with youth and foster social integration.

Intellectual and physical stimulation

Enhance cognitive, social and emotional development by providing a variety of learning opportunities through education, arts and sport.

Need to Feel

Create opportunities for individual and group expression through arts and sports so as to build self-confidence.

Our Models

Both Arts and Sports develop key SEL competencies in individuals.  

The communal nature of programs develops healthy (secure and safe) environments that support members’ well-being. 

Refugee-Managed Models

Both Sports and Applied Arts Programs empower youth in crisis contexts to drive sustainable models forward. The programs build capacity and develop creativity and autonomy in operationalizing the vision. 

Sports Program At a Glance 

Addressing the physical dimension of well-being through a structured youth sports program linked to educational interventions. 

Sport for Protection 

Sport to support mental and physical well-being in stressful living environments (SEL) 

Support to life-long learning (SDG 4) and retention of youth in education

Children and youth are physically active, which supports learning and resilience. 

Teacher-coaches engage in professional development, which benefits children. 

Youth set challenging goals, grow in motivation, and have a chance to become world-class athletes. 

Parents become engaged in their children’s well-being. 

Applied Arts Program At a Glance 

Addressing the social and emotional dimension of well-being through regular refugee-led art projects in the community.

Art to support mental, emotional (and even physical) well-being in stressful living environments (SEL) 

Art to provide inclusive access to formal and informer Higher Education opportunities

Youth engage with each other creatively through various art forms to explore diverse topics, which supports learning and resilience. 

Refugee practitioners develop leadership skills that serve as further education and to support them in their vocations and community engagement. 

How We Connect Students to Learning and Employability  


We work with you to: 

Design interest-powered courses

Create action-oriented learning experiences 

Give students space to reflect on their learning


We spend a lot of time to:

Design collaborative learning experiences 

Get youth to create solutions as a community 

Have peers evaluate the impact of their solutions 


We take a long-term view on learning to: 

Design learning that builds employability skills 

Create connections to local and digital livelihoods 

Reflect on what will strengthen our community