Social-emotional learning (SEL), one of the Youth Education and Sports programs, has conducted monitoring and evaluation activity this Month. The target group for this activity was kids’ athletes, parents, and teachers.

What is monitoring? What is evaluation? Monitoring is a process of collecting, analyzing, and using the information to track a project’s progress toward its objectives and Evaluation is an assessment of an activity or a project.

At our program level, the activity will help us track implementation, outputs and measure the effectiveness of the program. It will also help us determine if the program is on track or if some changes may be needed. The activity will also demonstrate if the program’s efforts have had a measurable impact on the expected outcomes and have been implemented effectively.

The monitoring and evaluation exercise is essential, it provides evidence-based information that is credible, reliable, and useful. The findings will provide us the necessary data which will guide our strategic planning and also inform our future decision-making on the program.


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