The U20 World Championship is scheduled to take place from 17th to 22nd August 2021. In preparation, World athletics invited and sponsored 6 YES refugee youth runners to take part in the qualifying trial for the U20 World championship.

The qualifying trial is being held on Saturday 12.06.21 in Iten/ Eldoret, Kenya. 4 Elites runners, Alice Ilam, Joseph Lokudu, Esterina Irino, Moses LOHORONG, and 2 kid athletes Morris Loboi and Elizabeth Naboi are taking part in the competition.

The best 2 runners from each category will qualify for the championship. Youth Education and Sports are very happy about the participation of its runners in the qualifying trial of the U20 World Championship. This will be the best opportunity for them to demonstrate their ability to qualify for the U20 World championship. We wish them the best in the competition! 


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