Youth Education and Sports (YES) like many other organizations was affected by COVID 19. Some of the activities that were being done onsite had to shift to online and we had to introduce new measures as directed by the government and MOH to help curb the spread of the Pandemic. Although some activities were stopped, other activities had to be introduced or reinforced for the benefit of the community and of the country at large.

On the side of academics, YES has continued supporting its learners enrolled in the AUN4HEiE diploma courses. All higher education students pursued their coursework without interruption. Different activities such as group discussions that were taking place at the center had to be moved online. This was possible due to the provision of data bundles to all Kakuma and Dadaab students and thanks to increased facilitator support students were able to complete all Term 1 course and move to Term 2.

Under the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) pillar, sports activities have continued uninterrupted. Kids are on course with three training sessions three days a week. Elite athletes start their day with a morning run 6 days a week at 6:30 AM and finish the day with their second training unit at 5 pm. As all runners are on a long school holiday now, YES has organized a  training camp for elite runners from the two locations (Kakuma and Kalobeyei) in Kalobeyei from 6th to 14th April; after a 10-day break, they reconvene for the second week of training from 25th April to 1st of May, after which they break in preparation for school reopening on the 10th May. Some objectives of this continued training for both kids and elites are building and promoting cohesive coexistence and team spirit, helping athletes build their mileage, endurance and speed. This training will also play an important role during this holidays and will keep the runners actively engaged on the right track in the remaining days to school reopening. These training camps will bring our communities to another level in terms of peace and harmony, teamwork and leadership skills, and working together across cultural differences.

Youth Education and Sports is committed to continuing to empower youth in fragile contexts through quality higher education and integrative SEL programming as a way to link them to local and global opportunities, create continuity in their crisis-affected lives and support their physical, emotional, and intellectual growth.  


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